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10th Edition 1931 All rights reserved 

Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 
Clyde, Missouri 

St. Jude Thaddeus 

Tradition says he carried an image of 
our Savior to the afflicted King of Edessa 
and healed him. The club indicates an 
instrument of his martyrdom. 

St. Jude Thaddeus 
An Efficacious Helper in 
Grave Necessities 

History According to Tradition 

GREAT and ardent should be our 
devotion to the holy apostles, 
because they were the first teachers of 
our Faith. During the glorious Middle 
Ages the apostles were held in high 
veneration, but, sad to say, in our ma- 
terialistic age this devotion has become 
tepid, especially with regard to the 
holy apostle St. Jude Thaddeus, whose 
feast we celebrate on October 28th. By 
reason of the shameful treason of Judas 
Iscariot against our Savior, the name of 
Judas fell into such disrepute, that even 
the apostle Jude Thaddeus suffered 
thereby. Within the last few decades, 
veneration to this glorious apostle has 
been revived. It seems that our Divine 
Redeemer wishes to repair the honor of 


St. Jude by granting favors, and fre- 
quently giving aid to those in extreme 
distress, on condition that they invoke 
this saint. Our Lord Himself, in a vi- 
sion, directed St. Bridget of Sweden 
to turn with great confidence to St. 
Jude. * 'In accordance with his surname 
'Thaddeus* — the amiable, loving,' * — 
said Jesus, "he will show himself most 
willing to give help." St. Jude is called 
the patron of hopeless and desperate 
cases, owing to the singular help he has 
obtained for his clients in grave ne- 
cessities. To strengthen our confi- 
dence in this blessed apostle, let us 
hear something of his life from revela- 
tion and tradition. 

The holy apostle Jude bears the 
surname "Thaddeus" to distinguish him 
from Judas Iscariot, the traitor. Besides 
the apostle James the Less, Jude had 
two more brothers who together with 
himself are called the "brethren of 
Jesus" in the Holy Gospel (Matt. xiii. 
55). In Hebrew this expression signi- 


fies a near relationship. His father was 
Cleophas. On account of his bold and 
fearless confession of the resurrection 
of Christ, Cleophas was murdered by 
the Jews and thus won the crown of 
martyrdom. The mother's name was 
Mary. She was a near relative of the 
Blessed Virgin. After her death, the 
holy remains of Mary Cleophas were 
glorified by great miracles. 

St. Jude was brought up by his par- 
ents as a pious and innocent youth. In 
his boyhood he must have frequently 
associated with Jesus. No mention is 
made of Jude's occupation before his 
call to the apostolate, but we may well 
surmise that when our Savior began His 
public life, Jude Thaddeus abandoned 
everything to accompany Him. How 
great must have been the surprise and 
joy of our holy apostle when he wit- 
nessed the first miracle of his Lord and 
Master at the marriage feast of Cana! 
From the time when Jude was chosen 
an apostle, he labored with indefati- 

gable zeal, particularly for the conver- 
sion of the Gentiles. 

Cure of the King of Edessa 

In most countries of Europe, St. 
Jude is represented as wearing a minia- 
ture of our Lord on his breast (see 
frontispiece). The following is the 
tradition attached thereto: — 

The fame of our Lord s miracles 
having reached Abagaro, King of 
Edessa, the monarch, who was afflicted 
with leprosy, sent a messenger begging 
Jesus to come and cure him. Receiv- 
ing an answer that our Lord could not 
gratify him then, the king sent an artist 
to Jerusalem for the purpose of at least 
obtaining our Lord's portrait. But the 
poor artist, blinded by the splendor 
and brightness emanating from our 
Savior's Face, was unable to draw a 
single line. Jesus, moved by compas- 
sion, and wishing to console Abagaro, 
held a cloth to His Face, and impressed 
the image of His sacred Countenance 

St. Jude Thaddeus healing the afflicted 
King of Edessa. 


thereon. Then He handed it to the 
painter to carry back to his sovereign, 
with the promise to send someone to 
cure him. It is related that this mission 
was confided to St. Jude Thaddeus, 
who after our Lord's ascension pro- 
ceeded to Edessa. 

A supernatural splendor shone 
about St. Jude when he was presented 
to King Abagaro. Perceiving this, the 
sovereign knelt, saying: — 

Art thou the disciple of whom 
Jesus spoke: 4 1 will send you one of My 
disciples who will cure your malady, 
and give life to you and your sub- 
jects' ?" 

Thaddeus replied: "Thou hadst 
faith in the Lord Jesus; therefore He 
sent me." 

* 'I believe in Him," continued Aba- 
garo, "and my faith is such that I 
would have sent my army to destroy 
the Jews who put Him to death had not 
the Roman army been an obstacle." 

"He fulfilled the will of His Fa- 


ther," responded Thaddeus, "and after 
death rose glorious and triumphant, 
and returned to His Father/* St. Jude 
then placed his hands on Abagaro, who 
was instantly cured of his infirmity. 
Many citizens were also healed, and on 
being instructed, the king, his court 
and almost the entire kingdom were 
converted to Jesus Christ. 

Conversion of Barbarians 

After firmly establishing the Church 
in Edessa, the Apostle St. Jude visited 
the whole of Mesopotamia, preaching 
the Gospel, and everywhere increasing 
the number of the faithful. This oc- 
cupied about ten years. Having re- 
turned to Jerusalem for the Council of 
the Apostles, St. Jude afterwards 
joined St. Simon in Libya, where the 
two apostles diffused the light of the 
Gospel among the barbarian inhabi- 
tants. They then set out for Persia 
where God had reserved for them an 
abundant harvest. It is impossible to 


compute the number of the converted 
or to describe the change in the man- 
ners and customs of that savage people. 

Before the arrival of the two apos- 
tles the laws and habits of the Persians 
were iniquitous. The marriage tie was 
totally disregarded — the dead were 
thrown into the fields to become the 
food of wild beasts, and other barbar- 
ities prevailed. Taught by the apostles 
the noble and generous sentiments of 
the true religion, these people soon be- 
came the admiration of other Chris- 
tians. Barbarity was replaced by gen- 
tleness, cruelty by Christian charity, 
impiety by evangelical perfection. 

Apostolic Labors in Persia 

In Persia the two apostles were con- 
tinually thwarted in their teaching by 
two magicians named Zaroes and Ar- 
faxat, who endeavored by their art and 
incantations to uphold the worship of 
the idols. At every step they confront- 
ed our apostles and denounced them as 


impostors, but were always defeated by 
the two saints, who invariably exposed 
their tricks and impostures. In the pres- 
ence of St. Jude and St. Simon, the 
idols refused to answer their false 
priests, but when the apostles, in the 
name of God, commanded them to 
speak, they were forced to acknowl- 
edge the saints as the disciples of the 
true God. The saints then ordered the 
demons inhabiting the idols to quit 
them, in doing which, they howled with 
rage and shattered the images. 

On entering the camp of Verardach, 
commander-in-chief of the Persian 
army, the two apostles met the same 
magicians, Zaroes and Arfaxat. The 
Persians were preparing to march 
against an army from India, and Ve- 
rardach was anxious as to the outcome 
of the war. "We know you are more 
powerful than our gods," the com- 
mander said to the apostles, "for at 
your approach the idols fell to the 
ground. After the war is over we will 


gladly listen to your teaching. Tell us 
what the result of this war will be." 

The apostles commanded the de- 
mons to answer. Questioned by their 
priests, the idols replied that the war 
would be long and many would perish 
on both sides. Verardach was troubled. 
"Fear not, O Prince, your gods lie!" 
joyfully exclaimed the two apostles. 
"Tomorrow at this same hour, ambas- 
sadors will arrive from your enemy to 
conclude negotiations of peace." 

On the following day the ambassa- 
dors from India arrived at the hour 
designated by the two saints and terms 
of peace were agreed upon. The 
prince, indignant at the false prophe- 
cies of the wicked magicians, ordered 
them to be burned alive, and likewise 
all who maligned the holy apostles'. 
But SS. Simon and Jude interceded 
with the commander and the punish- 
ment was averted. 

Filled with admiration for the two 
holy apostles, Prince Verardach con- 


ducted them to the King of Persia. 
Here also they performed miracles in 
order to frustrate the wicked designs 
of the magicians who had preceded 
them. Everywhere great numbers were 
converted to the Faith. In all the towns 
and villages traversed by SS. Simon 
and Jude, they found that the magi- 
cians had gone before to prejudice and 
incite the people against them, but at 
the approach of the apostles the im- 
postors invariably fled. 

Once a number of idolatrous 'priests 
had assembled before their king and 
brought the two apostles for condemna- 
tion. The priests held charmed serpents 
in their hands and set them loose upon 
the apostles. The snakes, however, 
turning upon the idolatrous priests, en- 
circled and bit them until the apostles 
commanded the reptiles to cease. Some 
serpents were laid on the ground and 
the apostles were commanded to take 
them up. They did so, and held them 
to their breast beneath their mantle 

The holy apostles held the snakes to their 
breast beneath their mantle without 
being bitten. 


without being bitten. The priests were 
then told to take up the snakes: when 
they took hold of them, the reptiles bit 
their hands and curled around them, 
causing the priests to scream fearfully. 
At sight of this wonder, many people 
became Christians, also the king. 

St. Jude's Epistle 

Our holy apostle seems to have 
been among the last of the twelve to 
die for his Savior, as he implies by the 
seventeenth verse of his epistle: "My 
dearly beloved, be mindful of the 
words which have been spoken before 
by the apostles." The words of his 
epistle are in keeping with the amiable 
disposition which tradition ascribes to 
him. "My beloved,*' he writes, "build- 
ing yourselves upon your most holy 
Faith praying in the Holy Ghost; keep 
yourselves in the love of God, waiting 
for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ 
unto life everlasting" (i. 20-21). 

Though the epistle of St. Jude is 


one of the shortest in the New Testa- 
ment, it is remarkable for the strength 
and grandeur of its language. It applies 
clearly to the eventful times in which 
we now live. The profound humility of 
St. Jude shines forth in a singular man- 
ner in his epistle. Far from calling 
himself a relative of Jesus, though he 
was such, St. Jude terms himself a ser- 
vant of Jesus Christ. He was filled 
with a holy zeal for the doctrine of 
Christ and the salvation of souls. 

St. Jude preached amid untold suf- 
ferings and persecution in Judea, Sa- 
maria and Idumea, but especially in 
Mesopotamia where the people were 
sunk in the dregs of immorality. This 
gentle apostle, however, knew how to 
impress upon them the beauty of 
Christian purity. Doubtless it is in 
reward of his zealous labors to teach 
this virtue to the pagans, that God now 
glorifies St. Jude by giving him special 
power to aid those tortured by the 
spirit of impurity. 



The numberl ess souls brought to 
accept the true religion by St. Jude, 
aroused the hatred of unbelievers and 
secured for our holy apostle the 
coveted crown of martyrdom. Authori- 
ties differ as to the manner of his death. 
Tradition states that he was beaten with 
clubs and his head cleft with a broadax. 

His body was brought to Rome, 
and is now honored in St. Peter's basil- 
ica. Pope Paul III, in a brief dated 
Sept. 22, 1 548, granted a plenary in- 
dulgence to all who visit his tomb on 
his feast, which is celebrated Oct. 28th. 
This shows us that even in the Middle 
Ages, devotion to St. Jude flourished, 
for the grant of a plenary indulgence 
was then very rare. Though the body 
of the holy apostle rests at St. Peter's in 
Rome, his helpful, living charity is dif- 
fused throughout the world and in 
every country his clients experience 
wonderful help in difficulties and trials 
of the most hopeless nature. 

Glorious martyrdom of SS. Simon and Jude 


Powerful Helper in Extreme Need 

St. Jude Thaddeus shows his par- 
ticular assistance and protection in cir- 
cumstances deemed most difficult and 
desperate. His aid has been widely ex- 
perienced, for he is universally known 
as the "Patron of hopeless and desper- 
ate cases.'* From earliest times he has 
been considered a helper in urgent 
need. Thousands who have implored 
his aid, have received extraordinary 
and miraculous help in cases which, 
according to all human calculations, 
seemed hopeless. 

Ven. Columba of the Order of St. 
Dominic realized how pleasing it is to 
God if we zealously venerate the holy 
apostle Thaddeus and promote his 
honor, because he is so little known and 
loved. She understood that by vener- 
ating this saint, one can obtain assist- 
ance in difficulties where help is de- 
spaired of, in trials and afflictions of a 
grave and serious nature. 


St. Jude has obtained recovery for 
those stricken with maladies which defy 
all human skill and remedies; he has 
obtained grace for persons to overcome 
deeply rooted evil habits — those af- 
flictions of the soul which are far more 
difficult to cure than any bodily ail- 
ment. St. Jude comes quickly and 
speedily to the aid of those tormented 
by impure thoughts and enslaved by 
impure habits. Our holy apostle ob- 
tains help in anguish, distress, calumny, 
poverty, misery, yea, even in despair 
and in circumstances where aid seems 
utterly impossible. In return, he de- 
mands our confidence, love and grati- 
tude; if our requests are not immediate- 
ly granted precisely according to our 
own ideas and wishes, they surely will 
be sooner or later according to the 
designs of God. 

A shining example of veneration 
of this holy apostle is given us by St. 
Bernard of Clairvaux, who during his 
whole life highly honored a relic of St. 


Jude, and asked that in death the relic 
be placed upon his breast and buried 
with him, that, as he said, he would not 
be entirely without him whom in life he 
had found to be a powerful protector 
of his purity, and a potent helper in 
every circumstance. 

Let all who are in tribulation be 
animated with confidence in the inter- 
cession of St. Jude, for the miraculous 
virtue of our prayers proceeds from 
confidence, says the servant of God, 
Ven. Anna Catherine Emmerich. Let 
not this holy apostle be justified in 
complaining that we do not avail our- 
selves of his merits and powerful pro- 
tection. He is the helper, the consoler 
of all oppressed with heavy trials. Let 
us say with confidence: 

St Jude, pray for us. 

And for all who invoke thy aid. 

From a Client of St. Jude: — 

"Send me booklets. . . St. Jude has 
been wonderfully good to me; received 
two great favors." 


How to Obtain the Aid of St. Jude 

Holy Mass 

One of the most powerful means to ob- 
tain the aid of St. Jude in special needs 
and distress, is to have the Holy Sacrifice 
of the Mass offered in his honor. Nothing 
gives greater pleasure to the saints than if 
we otter a Holy Mass in their honor. In 
great affliction, or to obtain a special favor, 
one may have a triduum of 3 Masses or a 
novena of 9 Masses offered in honor of this 
holy apostle, or assist at Holy Mass for 
such a number of days, imploring his aid. 
On page 28 you will find an "Offering" 
which may be recited after the Consecra- 
tion at every Holy Mass offered in honor 
of St. Jude. 

Holy Communion, Novenas, Prayers 

Make novenas in honor of St. Jude. 
Approach Holy Communion in his honor 
when you ask your favor, and again in 
gratitude when St. Jude obtains it for you. 
Also say the "Our Father," "Hail Mary" 
and "Glory be to the Father," each three 

Use any of the prayers in this booklet 
for a novena to St. Jude. 


Choose nine Sundays to practice special 
devotion to St. Jude. Certainly firm con- 
fidence in this saint will be bountifully 
rewarded. God has ordained that He will 
grant the assistance of His grace to those 
who in desperate need and abandonment 
take refuge to St. Jude Thaddeus. 

Advice in Grave Difficulties 

To those who take refuge to St. Jude, it 
will be of untold benefit, if they give ample 
alms or perform some other work of mercy 
in his honor. Nothing gives us a surer 
pledge of the help of God and the interces- 
sion of the saints than works of mercy. St. 
Leo says, "Prayer has the greatest efficacy 
to obtain favors from God when it is 
supported by works of mercy." And St. 
Gregory of Xazianzen writes, "The merciful 
have the key to the treasures of God." 

Lefer, a pious priest, asserts, "Persons 
of all classes in the most desperate situa- 
tions came to me. Frequently all means 
failed to obtain the longed-for grace until 
I said to them: 'Practice charity/ If they 
followed this advice, they invariably re- 
ceived help." "Give to the poor and re- 
ceive the kingdom of heaven, " says St. 
Methodius. Alms have the power of can- 


celing our debt of sin. A mystic teacher 
writes: "If there were no poor, there would 
not be so many mortal sins remitted. The 
poor are the physicians of our wounds. 
We can never give the poor as much as we 
receive from them, because for the piece 
of bread we give them they issue a ticket 
to heaven for us." 

That is why so many charitable men die 
a good death, even though they have been 
great sinners. It is the pronounced experi- 
ence of many saints and learned men and 
confessors, that sinners who willingly give 
alms will not die impenitent. One saint 
says, "Never have I seen a charitable per- 
son end with a bad death." 

In most beautiful and reassuring w T ords, 
Holy Scripture recommends and declares 
the reward of almsgiving, "Blessed is he 
that understandeth concerning the needy 
and the poor: the Lord will deliver him in 
the evil day" (Ps. xl. 1). Yes, surely the 
one who is compassionate toward the poor 
will receive mercy at the hour of death. 

Be assured then, devout reader, that 
alms-giving in honor of St. Jude will in- 
cline this amiable apostle to succor you in 
your most hopeless and desperate necessi- 
ties, as many of his clients have already 

Devotions in Honor of 
St. Jude Thaddeus 

Mass in Honor of St. Jude 

Proper of the Mass. This may easily be used 
with your Missal or prayer-book containing 
the Ordinary of the Mass. 

Introit. Ps. 138. To me Thy. friends, 
O God, are made exceedingly honorable: 
their principality is exceedingly strength- 
ened. Ps. Lord, Thou hast proved me, and 
known me: Thou hast known my sitting 
down and my rising up. V. Glory be to 
the Father. . . 

Collect. O God who through Thy 
blessed Apostle Jude, hast brought us unto 
the knowledge of Thy Name; grant that 
by advancing in virtue we may set forth 
his everlasting glory, and by setting forth 
his glory we may advance in virtue. 
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

Epistle. Eph. iv. Brethren: To every 
one of us is given grace according to the 
measure of the giving of Christ. Where- 
fore He saith: Ascending on high, He led 
captivity captive; He gave gifts to men. 
Now, that He ascended, what is it, but be- 


cause He also descended first into the lower 
parts of the earth? He that descended is 
the same also that ascended above all the 
heavens, that He might fill all things. And 
He gave some apostles, and some prophets, 
and other some evangelists, and other some 
pastors and doctors, for the perfecting of 
the saints, for the work of the ministry, 
for the edifying of the body of Christ; 
until we all meet into the unity of faith 
and of the knowledge of the Son of God, 
unto a perfect man, unto the measure of 
the age of the fullness of Christ. 

Gradual. Ps. 44. Thou shalt make them 
princes over all the earth: they shall re- 
member Thy Name, O Lord. V. Instead 
of thy fathers, sons are born to Thee: 
therefore shall people praise Thee. Alle- 
luia, alleluia. V. Ps. 138. Thy friends, 
O God, are made exceedingly honorable: 
their principality is exceedingly strength- 
ened. Alleluia. 

Gospel. John xv. At that time: Jesus 
said to His disciples: These things I com- 
mand you, that you love one another. If 
the world hate you, know ye that it hath 
hated Me before you. If you had been of 
the world, the world would love its own; 
but because you are not of the world, but 


I have chosen you out of the world, there- 
fore the world hateth you. Remember My 
word that I said to you: The servant is 
not greater than his Master. If they have 
persecuted Me, they will also persecute 
you; if they have kept My word, they will 
keep yours also. But all these things they 
will do to you for My Name's sake, because 
they know not Him that sent Me. If I had 
not come, and spoken to them, they would 
not have sin; but now they have no excuse 
for their sin. He that hateth Me, hateth 
My Father also. If I had not done among 
them the works that no other man hath 
done, they would not have sin; but now 
they have both seen and hated both Me and 
My Father. But that the word may be ful- 
filled which is written in their law, they 
hated Me without cause. 

Offertory. Ps. 18. Their sound went 
forth into all the earth; and their words 
to the end of the world. 

Secret. We who honor the eternal glory 
of Thy holy Apostle Jude beseech Thee, O 
Lord, that being cleansed by these holy 
mysteries, we may become more worthy to 
do him homage. Through our Lord, etc. 

Preface. It is truly meet and just, right 
and availing unto salvation, humbly to 


pray Thee, O Lord, the eternal Shepherd, 
to abandon not Thy flock; but through Thy 
blessed Apostles to keep a continual watch 
over it; that it may be governed by those 
same rulers whom Thou didst set over it 
as shepherds and as Thy vicars. And there- 
fore with the angels and archangels, the 
thrones and dominions, and the whole host 
of the heavenly army, we sing the hymn of 
Thy glory, saying again and again: Holy, 
holy, holy. . . 

Communion. Matth.19. You who have 
followed Me, shall sit on seats, judging the 
twelve tribes of Israel, saith the Lord. 

Postcommimion. Having received Thy 
sacraments, O Lord, we humbly entreat of 
Thee that, through the intercession of Thy 
blessed Apostle Jude, what we do in honor 
of his martyrdom may avail us as a heal- 
ing remedy. Through our Lord, etc. 


O Eternal Father, I offer Thee this Holy 
Sacrifice to Thy highest praise, with that 
same intention and for the same aim and 
end as Thy beloved Son, the eternal High- 
priest Jesus Christ, Himself offers it to 
Thee. I offer it especially for the greater 
glory and beatitude of St. Jude Thaddeus, 


in thanksgiving for all the graces and bliss 
bestowed upon him, and for my spiritual 
and temporal needs, particularly for. . . 


Short Novena 
0 glorious apostle, St. Jude Thaddeus, 
true relative of Jesus and Mary, I salute 
thee through the most Sacred Heart of 
Jesus! Through this Heart I praise and 
thank God for all the graces He has 
bestowed upon thee. Humbly prostrate 
before thee, I implore thee through this 
Heart to look down upon me with com- 
passion. Oh, despise not my poor prayer; 
let not my trust be confounded! To thee 
God has granted the privilege of aiding 
mankind in the most desperate cases. Oh, 
come to my aid, that I may praise the 
mercies of God! All my life I will be 
grateful to thee and will be thy faithful 
client until I can thank thee in heaven. 

Second Novena 

In the Name of the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Blessed be the holy and undivided 
Trinity, now and forever.. Amen. 


We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother 
of God, despise not our petitions in our 
necessities, but deliver us from all dangers, 
O ever glorious and Blessed Virgin. 

St Jude, pray for us. 

And for all who invoke thy aid. 


Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ hear us. 

Christ graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven,* 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 

God the Holy Ghost, 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

St. Jude, relative of Jesus and Mary,f 

St. Jude, while on earth deemed worthy 

to see Jesus and Mary, and to enjoy 

their company, 
St. Jude, raised to the dignity of an 


St. Jude, who hadst the honor of beholding 
thy Divine Master humble Himself to 
wash thy feet, 

St. Jude, who at the Last Supper didst 

*Have mercy on us. 
fPray for us. 


receive the Holy Eucharist from the 
hands of Jesus,* 
St. Jude, who after the profound grief 
which the death of thy beloved Master 
caused thee, hadst the consolation of 
beholding Him risen from the dead, 
and of assisting at His glorious Ascen- 

St. Jude, who wast filled with the Holy 
Ghost on the day of Pentecost, 

St. Jude, who didst preach the Gospel in 

St. Jude, who didst convert many people 

to the Faith, 
St. Jude, who didst perform wonderful 

miracles in the power of the Holy 


St. Jude, who didst restore an idolatrous 
king to health of both soul and body, 

St. Jude, who didst impose silence on de- 
mons, and confound their oracles, 

St. Jude, who didst foretell to a weak 
prince an honorable peace with his 
powerful enemy, 

St. Jude, who didst take from deadly ser- 
pents the power of injuring man, 

St. Jude, who, disregarding the threats of 
the impious, didst courageously preach 
the doctrine of Christ, 

*Pray for us. 


St. Jude, who didst gloriously suffer mar 
tyrdom for the love of thy Divine 


Blessed apostle, with confidence we invoke 

Blessed apostle, with confidence we invoke 

Blessed apostle, with confidence we invoke 

St. Jude, help of the hopeless, aid me in 

my distress! 
St. Jude, help of the hopeless, aid me in 

my distress! 
St. Jude, help of the hopeless, aid me in 

my distress! 

That by thy intercession, both priests and 
people of the Church may obtain an 
ardent zeal for the Faith of Jesus 

That thou wouldst defend our Sovereign 

Pontiff and obtain peace and unity for 

the Holy Church, 
That all heathens and unbelievers may be 

converted to the true Faith, 
That faith, hope and charity may increase 

in our hearts, 
That we may be delivered from all evil 

*Pray for us. 

fWe beseech thee, hear us. 


thoughts, and from all the snares of 
the devil,* 

That thou wouldst vouchsafe to aid and 
protect all those who honor thee, 

That thou wouldst preserve us from all 
sin and from all occasions of sin, 

That thou wouldst defend us at the hour 
of death, against the fury of the devil 
and his evil spirits, 

Pray for us, that before death we may ex- 
piate all our sins by sincere repentance 
and the worthy reception of the holy 

Pray for us, that we may appease the 
Divine Justice, and obtain a favorable 

Pray for us, that we may be admitted into 
the company of the blessed, to rejoice 
in the presence of our God forever, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, 

Spare us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
Graciously hear us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
Have mercy on us, O Lord. 

*We beseech thee, hear us. 


St Jude, pray for us. 

And for all who invoke thy aid. 


Glorious apostle, martyr and relative 
of Jesus, St. Jude Thaddeus, who didst 
spread the true Faith among the most 
barbarous and distant nations; who didst 
win to the obedience of Jesus Christ many 
tribes and peoples by the power of His 
holy Word, grant, I beseech thee, that from 
this day I may renounce every sinful habit, 
that I may be preserved from all evil 
thoughts, that I may always obtain thy 
assistance, particularly in every danger 
and difficulty, and that I may safely reach 
the heavenly country, with thee to adore 
the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and 
Holy Ghost, forever and ever. Amen. 

Prayer in Trials 

To be said in great affliction, or when one seems 
to be deprived of all visible help, and for cases 
despaired of. 

Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful 
servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the 
traitor who delivered thy beloved Master 
into the hands of His enemies has caused 
thee to be forgotten by many, but the 
Church honors and invokes thee universal- 


ly as the patron of hopeless cases — of 
things despaired of. Pray for me who am 
so miserable; make use, I implore thee, of 
that particular privilege accorded to thee, 
to bring visible and speedy help where help 
is almost despaired of. Come to my assist- 
ance in this great need that I may receive 
the consolations and succor of heaven in 
all my necessities, tribulations and suffer- 
ings, particularly. . . (here make your re- 
quest) and that I may bless God with thee 
and all the elect throughout eternity. 

I promise thee, O blessed Jude, to be 
ever mindful of this great favor, and I will 
never cease to honor thee as my special 
and powerful patron and to do all in my 
power to encourage devotion to thee. 

St Jude, pray for us. 

And for all who invoke thy aid. 

Prayer in Grievous Affliction 

O St. Jude Thaddeus, thou relative of 
Jesus Christ, thou glorious apostle and 
martyr, renowned for thy virtues and mir- 
acles, faithful and prompt intercessor of all 
who honor thee and trust in thee! Thou 
art a powerful patron and helper in griev- 
ous afflictions. I come to thee and entreat 


thee from the depths of my heart, come to 
my aid with thy powerful intercession, for 
thou hast received from God the privilege 
to assist with thy manifest help, those who 
almost despair of all hope. Look down 
upon me; my life is a life of crosses, my 
days are days of tribulation, and my heart 
is an ocean of bitterness. All my paths are 
strewn with thorns and scarcely one mo- 
ment passes but is witness of my tears and 
sighs. And withal, my soul is enveloped 
in darkness; disquietude, discouragement, 
mistrust, yes, sometimes even a kind of 
despair preys upon my soul. Divine Provi- 
dence seems lost to my sight, and faith 
seems to falter in my heart. Overwhelmed 
by these thoughts I see myself surrounded 
by a dark cloud. Thou canst not forsake 
me in this sad plight. I will not depart 
from thee until thou hast heard me. Oh! 
hasten to my aid. I will be grateful to 
thee all my life. I will honor thee as my 
special patron, I will thank God for the 
graces bestowed upon thee, and will propa- 
gate thy honor according to my power. 

Blessed Apostle, with confidence 
we invoke thee! 


Praise and Thanksgiving 

It was revealed to St. Gertrude that it is a 
source of great joy to the saints when we praise and 
thank God for the graces and privileges He has be- 
stowed upon them. Clients of St. Jude should recite 
the following act of thanksgiving frequently. 

O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, in 
union with the unutterable heavenly praise 
with which the Most Holy Trinity extols 
Itself and which thence flows upon Thy 
Sacred Humanity, upon Mary, upon all the 
angels and saints, I praise, glorify and 
bless Thee for all the graces and privileges 
Thou hast bestowed upon Thy chosen 
apostle and intimate friend, Jude Thad- 
deus. I pray Thee for the sake of his 
merits, grant me Thy grace, and through 
his intercession come to my aid in all my 
needs, but especially at the hour of my 
death deign to strengthen me against the 
rage of my enemies. Amen. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 
Father, etc., three times. 

In great affliction one may promise the apostle, 
in case he will help, to distribute a certain number 
of these booklets in thanksgiving. This means of 
spreading devotion to him is an effective way of ob- 
taining his help. 


A Source of Consolation 

T T OW often, weighed down by trials and 
suffering, does one wonder to whom 
to turn for consolation! Many a person, 
in these hours of anxiety and misfortune 
have found great comfort in recommending 
themselves to the prayers of religious who 
pray day and night before the Most Blessed 
Sacrament, and who will gladly lay the 
petitions of their suffering fellow creatures 
before Christ's Eucharistic throne of grace. 

Nowhere is our Savior so lavish of His 
graces as in the Holy Eucharist. Beneath 
the veils of the Eucharist beats His Divine- 
ly human Heart, full of tenderness and 
mercy, waiting to pour out the treasures 
of His bounty upon all. Without interrup- 
tion, during the busy hours of the day, and 
the quiet hours of the night, the Benedic- 
tine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, both 
at Clyde, Missouri and Mundelein, Illinois, 
kneel in adoration before the Sacrament of 
Love. How efficacious are their prayers 
before our Lord exposed perpetually in the 
monstrance! And what a consolation that 


everyone may obtain for himself a share 
in the prayers of so many adorers! When 
grief and sorrow weigh upon the soul, 
what consolation there is in the thought: 
perpetual adorers are at this very moment 
pleading my cause before Jesus, the King 
of Love. 

A gentleman writes: "It is with pleas- 
ure I write. My petitions and requests 
have been heard and granted. How won- 
derful! About three days after I mailed 
you the letter, they came gradually until 
all were fulfilled. How gratifying it was! 
I had tried novenas, but to no avail, until 
you, dear Benedictine Sisters took up my 
cause before our Lord's Eucharistic throne. 
You may publish this so that many who 
would give up in discouragement may be 
saved if they have faith in prayer." 

Sometime ago, early in the year, I asked 
you to enroll my son-in-law and pray that 
he might return to the Church. He went 
to confession on Holy Thursday, and made 
his Easter duty, the first time for quite a 
while. I am deeply grateful!" 

For particulars write: — 
Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 
Clyde, Missouri 

A thorn pierces St. Rita's forehead. 

St. Rita 
Advocate of the Impossible 

Her Birth 

ST. Rita of Cascia is universally 
called the "Saint of the Impos- 
sible," because her intercession has 
been found available with God in most 
desperate and hopeless cases. Rita was 
born in Rocca Porena, in the diocese of 
Spoleto, Italy, about the year 1381. 
She came to her parents, who were al- 
ready advanced in age, as the answer 
to many years of prayer. The piety 
and charity of her father and mother 
were so well known that they were 
called the "peacemakers** of their little 

On the day after Rita*s baptism, as 
she lay in her cradle, a swarm of bees, 
all of purest white, lighted on her an- 
gelic face and went in and out of her 
slightly opened mouth, as if to take 


from her lips the honey of paradise. 
Doubtless this was to typify the sweet- 
ness of word and manner which later 
was to win for God so many souls, and 

the comfort she was to diffuse through- 
out the world for centuries. 

Example for Virgins 

Rita s parents gave her a pious 
home training. At an early age she 
felt drawn to God, and the parish 
church was the favorite place of her 
devotions. There she spent hours in 
meditation. She cared not for the 
pastimes and sports of youth, and was 
especially free from vanity and love of 
fine clothes. Rita's obedience to her 
parents was remarkable. According to 
their wishes she regulated all her 
actions. At a tender age Rita began to 
perform bodily penances, particularly 
fasting. What she deprived herself of 
she gave to the poor for whom she 
always showed most loving compas- 


sion. When only ten years old, this 
holy child already felt drawn to retire- 
ment and to lead a cloistered life, but 
love for her aged parents prevented 
her from making known her desires. 

With her parents* permission Rita 
fitted up a little room for an oratory. 
This she decorated with pictures of our 
Lord's Passion, and shut herself in to 
pray and meditate. In this solitude her 
love for Jesus Crucified and her com- 
passion for His bitter sufferings daily 
became more ardent. For about a year 
Rita enjoyed this retirement; then the 
duty of assisting her parents forced her 
from her loved solitude. 

A community of Augustinian nuns 
dwelt at Cascia, and the pious desire of 
soon entering among them to offer to 
God the holocaust of her virginity was 
daily growing stronger in Rita's mind. 
She longed to go without delay. Her 
parents, however, pious though they 
were, manifested deep grief at thought 
of this separation. Their tearful plead- 


ings and weight of parental authority 
prevailed, and were so successful in 
conquering Rita's objections, that they 
forced her to marry. To the hour of 
her marriage, Rita had been a model of 
virginal purity, filial love, reverence 
and obedience. She had now to follow 
another path, to become a bright ex- 
ample of virtue to all who live in the 
married state. 

Model for Mothers 

The young man selected for Rita's 
husband was passionate and quick- 
tempered, one well suited to try the 
patience and virtue of a saint. Scarcely 
a few days had passed after the mar- 
riage, when Rita's unworthy husband 
began to ill-treat her. Only her love 
for the Crucified One enabled her to 
bear this heavy cross. Sweetness of 
temper was the weapon she always 
used to combat her husband's cruelty. 
After having borne his ill-treatment for 


years, her virtue and long-suffering at 
length won her husband's heart, and 
brought unity and love into their home. 

Two sons were born to them. 
Gradually, Rita, to her great anxiety, 
perceived that they had inherited their 
father's quarrelsome disposition. With 
extreme care and watchfulness she 
sought to impress on their hearts les- 
sons of the fear of God, piety and de- 
votion. She spared neither vigilance, 
words nor chastisements to curb the 
self-willed dispositions of her children. 
Upon herself she imposed penances 
and fastings for their welfare, and was 
unwearying in acts of charity toward 
her neighbor. In her intercourse with 
others, she was always agreeable and 
polite. When gossipers, through af- 
fected pity, compassionated her for her 
husband's ill-treatment, which was well 
known, Rita excused his faults and 
changed the subject, — an example 
well worthy of imitation! 


Pattern for Widows 

After eighteen years of married life, 
Rita s husband was barbarously mur- 
dered a short distance from her home. 
Grief filled Rita's tender heart, particu- 
larly on account of the uncertainty of 
his soul's readiness to meet his Judge. 
But soon her trust in Divine Providence 
triumphed. She bowed and adored the 
just judgments of the Almighty, know- 
ing that her consort had been taken at 
the time best fitted for God's designs. 
Not for a moment did her heroic heart 
hesitate to pardon sincerely the mur- 
derers of her unfortunate husband. 
Fervently she besought for them for- 
giveness from Divine Mercy. 

Now a new sorrow came upon the 
young widow. To her consternation 
Rita perceived that her two sons, 
though young in years, were plotting 
vengeance against those who were 
guilty of their father's blood. The 
afflicted widow exerted all her force of 
word and deed to excite in them sen- 


timents of resignation and Christian 
forgiveness. But in spite of all her 
advice and solicitude, the sorrowing 
mother could not touch her children's 
vengeful hearts. In her grief, Rita 
turned her weeping eyes to heaven, 
and though she was a mother, and had 
a mother s affectionate heart, yet be- 
cause she sought God s honor more 
than her own flesh and blood, she sup- 
plicated our Savior, like a true heroine, 
either to change her children's hearts 
or to take them from this world before 
they could accomplish the vengeance 
they were meditating. 

Rita s prayer was answered. Within 
one year her two sons died, and Rita, 
though touched by natural sorrow, 
, nevertheless thanked God who had 
taken them away from the dangers of 
sin and the risk of a dreadful death — 
that of the soul. 

Rita s life as a widow was short. 
During that time she spent herself in 
works of charity for her neighbor, in 


penances and fasting. She lived in 
retirement and wore coarse mourning 
garments. Her former burning desire 
to enter the cloister now grew more 
vehement. She sought admission 
among the Augustinian nuns at Cascia, 
but was several times repulsed. It was 
not their custom to receive widows. 

Miraculous Entry into the Convent 

One night, St. John the Baptist, to 
whom Rita had been devoted from 
childhood, St. Augustine, and St. 
Nicholas of Tolentino, appeared to 
Rita. They conducted her to the con- 
vent of Cascia. Bolted gates and doors 
opened at their touch, and they left 
Rita in the chapel of the Augustinian 
nuns. What was the surprise of the 
religious on finding the oft-repulsed 
widow within their enclosure next 
morning. Her miraculous entry was 
too evident to doubt God s designs in 
her regard. Unanimously she was 


The Perfect Religious 

In her religious life, Rita excelled 
in the perfect observance of her Rule 
and the holy vows, in charity for God 
and her sisters, in profound humility 
and sacrificial labor. Love for our 
suffering Savior urged Rita to perform 
heroic penances. She possessed the 
spirit of prayer and contemplation in a 
high degree. In her cell she devised a 
little mountain with a Cross to remind 
her of our Savior's torments in His 
Passion. With tearful compassion she 
followed our Lord to Calvary and 

Miraculous Wound 

In 1443, Rita having attained her 
sixty-second year, God placed His seal 
upon her merits by a singular privilege. 
The holy nun once heard a sermon on 
the sufferings of our Savior. Divine 
compassion filled her heart, and after- 
ward she sought her cell to pour forth 


copious tears before her Crucifix. She 
besought her Beloved, crowned with 
thorns, to let her share His torture, and 
behold, one of the thorns of the Cruci- 
fix detached itself and penetrated the 
left side of Rita's forehead. She 
swooned from pain. This wound fes- 
tered and emitted a disagreeable odor 
which made it necessary for Rita to live 
apart from the community. It was a 
humiliating privilege, but she bore it 
with joy until her death and was happy 
in her solitude. 

A proof of the heavenly origin of 
this wound is that when Rita wished to 
go to Rome to gain the jubilee indul- 
gence, the wound healed almost instan- 
taneously, and after her return, again 
reopened. During the last five years 
of her life, our saint was bedridden 
most of the time. Once an acquaint- 
ance asked if she wished anything. 
** Yes/* Rita answered, "go to the gar- 
den of my house as soon as you reach 
Rocca Porena; pluck a rose there and 


bring it to me." It was in the month 
of January during the rigors of winter. 
Amazed, the woman went, and to her 
utter astonishment found a full blown 
red rose amidst the frozen bushes. She 
hastened to bring it to Rita who joy- 
fully took it as coming from the hands 
of her Divine Spouse. 

Another time, Rita bade a woman 
fetch her two figs from the same gar- 
den. There, on a leafless tree, were 
found two ripe figs. The woman 
plucked them with awe and pleasure 
and carried them to the sick nun. The 
religious and the people of the vicinity 
on hearing of this second wonder, 
praised God, and conceived a great 
veneration for the dying saint. 

Three days before Rita's death our 
Lord, accompanied by the Blessed 
Virgin, appeared to her and promised 
her the joys of heaven. Rita died 
May 22, 145 7, aged seventy-six years, 
forty-four of which had been spent in 


Miracles after Death 

Crowds hastened to venerate Rita's 
body before its burial. The noxious 
wound in the forehead now shone like 
a brilliant jewel and emitted a heavenly 
fragrance. A near relative of Rita 
confidently embraced the holy body 
when lo ! she recovered the use of one 
of her arms which had been paralyzed 
for many years. Many other astound- 
ing miracles were wrought before the 
sacred remains were placed in the 
tomb: a blind person recovered sight, 
and a child deaf and dumb from birth 
received speech and hearing. The first 
words he uttered were, Ave Maria! 
Surely a proof of the saint's interces- 
sion in heaven. 

Rita was solemnly beatified July 
16, 1628. In late years, devotion to 
St. Rita has increased, and she has won 
for herself the title: "Saint of the Im- 
possible." In 1896 St. Rita appeared 
to Francischina Gabriella of Noci, a 


lady who was at the point of death. 
"Fear not; you will recover,' * spoke the 
saint. The disease vanished as if by 
magic. Many instances are related 
of how our saint obtained aid in the last 
extremities. Conversion of hardened 
sinners and of those who had led disso- 
lute lives, are no less numerous than 
her assistance granted in bodily ills. 

Canonization of St. Rita 

The universal and uninterrupted 
devotion of the faithful to St. Rita, and 
the many wonderful prodigies that God 
wrought through her intercession, en- 
kindled in the loving hearts of thou- 
sands and thousands of the clients of 
* the humble Augustinian nun, the ardent 
desire of seeing her elevated to the 
honors of the altar. The Decree of can- 
onization was published May 24, 1900, 
by Pope Leo XIII; her feast is cele- 
brated on the 2 2d of May each year 


In conclusion we quote these mem- 
orable words from the Decree: * 'Saint 
Rita, of Cascia, as maiden, wife, mother 
and nun was so pleasing and so be- 
loved by Jesus Christ, that He deigned 
to signalize her not only with the seal 
of His love, but especially with the seal 
of His Passion. St. Rita merited this 
great privilege on account of her singu- 
lar humility, her complete detachment 
and her admirable penance. However, 
the virtues which made St. Rita particu- 
larly pleasing to God were her love for 
her neighbor and her devotion to Jesus 

Let us take refuge to St. Rita. She 
bore the temptations of youth, the trials 
of the married state, the sorrows of 
widowhood, and she has given an ex- 
ample of a perfect life in religion. 

St. Rita, 
Advocate of the Impossible, 
Intercede for us! 

Devotions in Honor of 
St. Rita 

Prayer to St. Rita 

One or several of the following may be used as 
a novena. 

O holy protectress of those who are in 
utmost need, who shinest as a star of hope 
in the midst of darkness, in patience and 
fortitude as the Patriarch Job, scourge of 
devils, health of the sick, deliverer of those 
in extreme need, admiration of saints and 
model of all states: with my whole heart 
and soul prostrate before thee and firmly 
united to the adorable will of my God, 
through the merits of my only Lord and 
Savior, Jesus Christ, and in particular 
through the merits of His patient wearing 
of that torturous crown of thorns, which 
thou with a tender devotion didst daily con- 
template; through the merits of the most 
sweet Virgin Mary and thine own most ex- 
cellent graces and virtues, I implore thee 
to obtain my earnest petition — provided 
it be for the greater glory of God and my 
salvation (here make your request). Here- 


in do thou guide and purify my intention, 
O holy protectress and most dear advocate, 
that I may obtain the pardon of all my sins 
and grace to persevere daily, as thou didst, 
in walking with courage and generosity 
and unwavering fidelity upon the heaven- 
ward path on which the love of my sweet 
Lord desires to lead me. Amen. 

Invocations to St. Rita 

St. Rita, Advocate of the Hopeless, pray 
for us. 

St. Rita, Advocate of the Impossible, 
pray for us. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 
Father, etc., three times. 

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the Father of mercy and God 
of all consolation, who, through the inter- 
cession of St. Rita, comforts us in all our 
tribulations. Amen. 


Holy patroness of those in need, St. 
Rita, so humble, pure and patient, whose 
pleadings with thy Divine Spouse are ir- 
resistible, obtain for us from thy Crucified 
Jesus our request. (Mention it.) Be pro- 
pitious toward us for the greater glory of 


God, and we promise to honor thee and to 
sing thy praises forever. Amen. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 
Father, etc., three times. 

Hymn of St. Rita of Cascia 

This hymn is a translation of the hymn of Lauds, 
office of St. Rita approved by Decree of the Sacred 
Congregation of Rites, Nov. 24, 1900. 


From fast her sinless frame is weak, 
Her livid flesh the scourges streak; 
In pity for her Savior's woes, 
Her days and even nights are closed. 


To be said after each stanza 

Come, virgins chaste, pure brides draw 

Let each exult and heaven hear 
The' hymn which grateful accents raise, 
Our song of joy in Rita's praise. 


The thorn-wound on her brow is shown, 
The crimson rose in winter blown. 
And full-ripe figs on frozen tree, 
At Rita's wish the wonderers see. 



The widowed spouse and wedded wife, 
The way to heaven see in her life, 
The way secure our Rita trod, 
In life's dim day, through pain to God. 


Praise to the Father and the Son, 
Praise to the Spirit, Three in One. 
Oh, grant us grace in heaven to reign 
Through Rita's prayer and life-long pain. 

V. Thou hast signed Thy servant Rita, 
R. With the signs of Thy love and Passion. 

O God, who didst deign to confer on 
St. Rita for imitating Thee in love of her 
enemies, the favor of bearing in her heart 
and brow, the marks of Thy love and 
Passion, grant, we beseech Thee, that 
through her intercession and merits, we, 
pierced by the thorns of compunction, may 
ever contemplate the sufferings of Thy 
Passion; who livest and reignest forever 
and ever. Amen. 

Are you full of peace? PEAYI Prayer wiH 
preserve it to you. Are you discouraged? PEAYI 
Prayer will sustain and comfort you. 



Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ hear us, 

Christ graciously hear us. 

God the Father Almighty,* 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 

who hast said: "Ask, and you shall re- 
ceive; seek, and you shall find; knock 
and it shall be opened unto you," 

God the Holy Ghost, Spirit of wisdom, 
understanding, counsel and knowledge, 

Holy Trinity one God, infinite in power, 

Holy Mary, who dost never refuse a pe- 

Immaculate Virgin, Queen of heaven and 

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 
Holy angels, spirits of humility, 
Holy principalities, protectors of religious 

Holy virtues, angels of fortitude, 
Holy cherubim, angels of light, 
St. Rita, advocate of the impossible, 
St. Rita, consecrated to God, 
St. Rita, lover of Jesus Crucified, 

*Have mercy on us. 
fPray for us, 


St. Rita, bride of the suffering Savior,* 
St. Rita, filled with compassion for the 

sufferings of Christ, 
St. Rita, crowned by an angel with a crown 

of thorns, 

St. Rita, who didst bear the wound of this 
mysterious crown on thy forehead, 

St. Rita, who didst firmly trust in the lov- 
ing mercy of Jesus, 

St. Rita, who didst importune the dying 
Savior with ardent supplications, 

St. Rita, who didst never doubt a gracious 
answer to thy prayer, 

That we may renounce all self-love, t 

That we may confidently trust in the prom- 
ises of Jesus, 

That the enemies of our salvation may be 
put to confusion, 

That we may ever perfectly fulfil the will 
of God, 

That our inclinations to evil may be de- 

That the Faith in all its purity may be 

spread over our land, 
That a holy zeal may fill our hearts, 
That we may infuse a holy love for chastity 

into all who come in contact with us, 
That in all our actions and omissions we 

*Pray for us. 

f Pray for us, St. Rita. 


may endeavor to promote a tender 

That we may be delivered from all avarice, 

vainglory and rash judgment, 
That great saints may rise in our land who 

will edify the people and dispel the 

darkness of unbelief, 
That we may be delivered from all interior 


Lamb of God who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
Spare us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
Graciously hear us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
Have mercy on us, O Lord. 
V. Pray for us, St. Rita, 
R. That we may be made worthy of the 

promises of Christ. 

O God, who in Thy infinite tenderness 
dost deign to hearken to the prayer of 
St. Rita, and to grant her what to human 
understanding seems impossible to human 
foresight, skill and efforts, in reward for 
her compassionate love and firm reliance 

*Pray for us, St. Rita. 

/ / 


upon Thy promises; have pity upon our 
adversity and succor us in our calamities, 
that the unbeliever may know that Thou 
art the recompense of the humble, the 
defense of the helpless and the strength 
of those who trust in Thee. Through Jesus 
Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

O glorious St. Rita, who didst miracu- 
lously participate in the sorrowful Passion 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, obtain for me 
the grace to suffer with resignation the 
troubles of this life, and protect me in all 
my needs. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days once a day to all who 
devoutly recite this prayer in honor of St. Rita of 
Cascia. — Decree Aug. 11, 1906. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 
Father, etc., three times. 

All that is contained in this booklet we submit 
unreservedly to the judgment of the Holy Catholic 
Church and its infallible Head. 

St. Jude Thaddeus, the Great Helper in Great 
Need and St. Rita, Advocate of the Impossible. Price 
5 cts. per copy; postage extra; reduction for quan- 
tities of 100 or more. 

Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 

Indulgenced Prayer 

Clyde, Missouri 



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Model for Mothers 44 

Pattern for Widows 46 

Miraculous Entry into the Convent 48 

The 'Perfect Religious 49 

Miraculous Wound 49 

Miracles after Death 52 

Canonization of St. Rita 5 3 

Devotions in Honor of St. Rita 

Prayer to St. Rita 55 

Invocations to St. Rita 5 6 

Hymn to St. Rita of Cascia 57 

Litany 59 

Indulgenced Prayer 62 

Our Consoler 

The world needs Jesus in the Blessed 
Sacrament. The solution of all our 
anxieties, the drying of all our tears, the 
answer to all our problems, are found 
with Jesus in the Sacrament of Love. 

Tabernacle and Purgatory 

aims to spread and deepen devotion to 
this Mystery of Love; by simple, practical 
articles it endeavors to draw hearts nearer 
to Jesu Hostia, to make the practice of 
virtue attractive. Devotion to the Blessed 
Virgin, and compassion for the poor souls 
also receive much encouragement. (See 
outside back cover.) 

Premium — St. Jude Medal 

An artistic medal of St. 
Jude may be had for one new 
subscription: the figure of 
the saint on a seashell 
shaped background; beneath, 
the anchor of hope; above, 
the Cross of Faith. In- 
scribed thereon are the 
words: "St. Jude Thaddeus, 
pray for us." 

Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 
Clyde, Missouri 

Our Booklets 

Following booklets 5# each 

Jesus, Joy of My Heart \ 

Jesus Pleads for My Love f A series 

Jesus Loves Me f 5 cts - eacn 

Jesus One with Me J 

Little Devotions to the Holy Infant Jesus 

All for Thee, O Heart of Jesus 

The Guard of Honor and the Holy Hour 

From Olivet to Calvary 

Devotion to the Holy Face 

Devotion to the Precious Blood 

Communicate Frequently and Devoutly 

Conformity to the Will of God 

Magnificence of the Love of God 

Indulgenced Prayers and Aspirations 

Devotions to the Mother of Sorrows 

Communion Devotions in Union with Mary 

Devotions to St. Joseph 

Good St. Ann 

St. Jude Thaddeus, the Great Helper in Great 

Need & St. Bita, Advocate of the Impossible 
My DaUy Visit 

Following booklets 3 for 10# 

Message of the Sacred Heart 
Assist the Souls in Purgatory 
Holy Water in the Christian Home 

Postage extra on all our publications 

Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoratio 
Clyde, Missouri 


Do you subscribe 
to the Eucharistic Magazine 

Tabernacle and Purgatory 

If not, you are welcome to a sample 
copy. Its devotional articles, its inter- 
esting stories and beautiful pictures are 
the delight of its readers, as their letters 
constantly testify: 

A man from Delaware writes: "I must 
congratulate you for editing and putting 
into the hands of Catholics of our dear 
country such a wonderfully interesting and 
instructive magazine as *Tabernacle and 
Purgatory.' I eagerly look for my copy 
each and every month and read it from 
cover to cover. It should be in every 
Catholic home. No one can peruse its 
contents without being benefited.* * 

Send for a sample copy. Valuable premiums 
offered {or new subscriptions. 

Tabernacle and Purgatory printed and 
published monthly in English and in Ger- 
man by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpet- 
ual Adoration, Clyde, Missouri, under a 
Benedictine Father. Subscription price 
$1.00 per year; for Canada, Ireland and 
England $1.25. 

Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 
Clyde, Missouri